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RockPit Rockefeller Oysters

Updated: Sep 11

Chef Bob's inaugural Sunday Supper debuted RockPit Rockefeller Oysters featuring event partner, RockPit Brewing's beer.

Because oysters are a huge fan favorite at my events, I created this spin on the classic Oysters Rockefeller. By introducing a new flavor profile by poaching the oysters in beer before topping and finishing in the traditional style of Rockefeller, it creates layers of complimentary flavors.

Tips for Selecting Great Oysters

One of the secrets to making RockPit Rockefeller great is picking the right oysters. Lombardi's Seafood in Winter Park, Florida offers numerous varieties, including access to boutique oysters. Start with the freshest oysters possible from a good, reliable source like Lombardi's. Chesapeake Oysters are my preferred variety for this dish. Because these oysters have good flavor on their own, and their meat takes on and compliments the beer during the poaching process very nicely, they are really the star of this recipe.

The Right Beer for the Job

RockPit Rockefeller Oysters turn out best with a nice Pale Ale. In this recipe, I used RockPit Brewing's SoDo Blondin and was really pleased with the flavor - so much so, this recipe took it's name from Rockpit! Try to source a local, craft brewery Pale Ale if possible. Craft breweries are popping up all over these days, making it easier to find small batch brews. If you have good beer and fresh oysters, you can't go wrong with this recipe!

RockPit Rockefeller Oysters Recipe

Without further ado, here is my spin on Oyster Rockefeller with Pale Ale poached Chesapeake Oysters. Please enjoy this easy, yet extremely delicious way to serve oysters at your next gathering - or be "shellfish" and keep them all to yourself! No judgement from me!

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About Chef Bob Aungst

With over 30 years in the hospitality industry, Chef Bob Aungst has masterfully navigated some of the most prestigious stages in the culinary world. From orchestrating events like the Kentucky Derby and Presidential Inaugurations to serving esteemed dignitaries, including four U.S. Presidents and members of the Royal Courts, he and his team focus on creating unique and memorable dining experiences with extreme attention to detail for every guest served. From in person events to virtual culinary live streams, CB handcrafts each one for a truly “WOW” experience.

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In addition, Chef Bob also offers temporary and seasonal culinary and chef staffing services through the League of Extraordinary Chefs. His roster of highly-skilled chefs and front of house hospitality professionals service top resorts, dude ranches, vacation destinations, hotels, convention centers, and large scale sporting events around the world.

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