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Chef Bob's Coffee

Chef Bob's Coffee Has a New Home!

Chef Bob's Coffee graduated to its own marketplace - you can still enjoy all of your favorite roasts, plus some exciting new ones at

Why the Move?

Thanks to you, we've had lots of growth in the coffee business over the past few years. It was time to give the coffee a more robust platform with a better shopping experience for our customers. The marketplace is still just as secure so you can buy with confidence, but it makes it easier to find the coffees you love! It also streamlines the fulfillment processes on the backend so we can ship or deliver your coffee even faster!

Why Does the Site Say the Store is Closed?

The old online marketplace is closed, but it shouldn't be showing to website visitors. If you see a "store is closed" page, your browser's cache is directing you to the old page. Don't despair - we're still here for you, just type into your browser and you will arrive at the fresh new site.

Thanks for shopping with us! We appreciate your business and love bringing you the best and most unique coffees available.

Orders over $50 Enjoy FREE Shipping!


About Chef Bob Aungst

With over 30 years in the hospitality industry, Chef Bob Aungst has masterfully navigated some of the most prestigious stages in the culinary world. From orchestrating events like the Kentucky Derby and Presidential Inaugurations to serving esteemed dignitaries, including four U.S. Presidents and members of the Royal Courts, he and his team focus on creating unique and memorable dining experiences with extreme attention to detail for every guest served. From in person events to virtual culinary live streams, CB handcrafts each one for a truly “WOW” experience.

For the coffee lovers, check out >> ask me how you can secure your own branded line of premium coffee for sales enablement, gifting, or marketing promotions!

In addition, Chef Bob also offers temporary and seasonal culinary and chef staffing services through the League of Extraordinary Chefs. His roster of highly-skilled chefs and front of house hospitality professionals service top resorts, dude ranches, vacation destinations, hotels, convention centers, and large scale sporting events around the world.


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